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Conférence exceptionnelle : Wojciech Kalaga

Face, Façade and the Ethics of Visuality

le mercredi 7 mars 2012

de 16h à 18h

Lille 3 - Bât. F - Salle F0-13

Conférence en anglais


Face and façade share not only the same etymological derivation, but also the appeal to the visual which, however, reaches far beyond the merely iconic ; in the Western culture, face and façade symbolically represent the interior. Face, especially in the Levinasian sense, implies absolute sincerity and truthfulness ; façade, as a “face of the building,” is in fact a simulacrum of the interior and uses various strategies of deception. Yet the fraudulent character of the façade is naturalized through semiotic conventions and games ; it is only when façade returns to the face and becomes its metaphorical substitute, that its negative ethical value comes to the fore.