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JE : Territory, conflict and violence : representations and reconfigurations

Journée d’études : Territory, conflict and violence : representations and reconfigurations / Territoire, conflit et violence : représentations et reconfigurations

La journée d’études se déroulera le vendredi 12 décembre 2014 de 9h30 à 16h30

Université de Lille 3, salle Denizot (BO.553)

Organisation : Alexandra Poulain, Fiona McCann

Territory, conflict and violence : representations and reconfigurations

Through the creation of a bounded space, territory, as Stuart Elden points out, ‘is already a violent act of exclusion and inclusion ; maintaining it as such requires constant vigilance and the mobilization of threat, and challenging it necessarily entails a transgression’ (Elden, Terror and Terrorism xxx). This organisation and maintaining of territorial limits as an enterprise fraught with violence is clearly apparent in the postcolonial world, the boundaries of which, ever since European imperial expansion began and right through to decolonisation and the present era, have been drawn and redrawn with little or no consideration for the cultural and historical affinities among the inhabitants of those places. This one-day conference seeks to reflect on the ways in which contemporary postcolonial literatures in English engage with and represent territorial conflict and transgression. Participants are invited to reflect on the aesthetics developed by various authors to question political and ideological positions on territory, reveal how its space is delineated and its boundaries preserved, and explore possible reconfigurations of it. Papers may address questions pertaining to the ethics of representation of violence engendered by the drawing up of territorial borders and the resistance to, and transgression of, those borders. Both national and intra-national territories may be considered, including the means by which certain spaces are reconfigured and reterritorialised by those who find themselves imprisoned (literally or figuratively) within them. The aim of the conference will be to lay down the groundwork for discussion on the potential convergences in contemporary representations of territorial conflict, although individual papers may of course address specific authors and territories.

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