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Unsettling Dickens : Process, Progress and Change

De Christine HUGUET et Paul Vita

Éditeur : Editions du Sagittaire

Date de parution 2016

260 pages

ISBN 978 2 917202 32 6

Unsettling Dickens : Process, Progress and Change

Résumé :

Unsettling Dickens opens opportunities to reorient Dickens readers to new ways of responding to concepts we associate with his prose writing and the novel form itself. Through exploring motion and change, understood both contextually and comparatively, the authors here challenge established critical approaches and provide fresh insights into the aesthetics of reading and writing, into how the Dickensian narrative structures and undermines literal and metaphorical travel (from teleological pilgrimages to mad flights), into the perennially changing meanings associated with the term ‘Dickensian’ itself. We trust that the broad appeal of our project is reflected in the international and national reputations of our contributors. Selected from papers presented at the 2012 bicentenary ‘travelling’ conference, which itself progressed from Paris to London, the collection includes contributions from leading Dickensian scholars as well as from the best of a new generation of Victorianist scholars. The essays gathered seek both to reposition Dickens as a major representative of English mid-Victorian aesthetics and to disrupt his monumental status by offering fresh consideration of some of his lesser-known fictional constructs and his major novels, especially the autofictional ones, and by giving sustained attention in new thematic and interdisciplinary approaches. Contributions by Ray Crosby, Clémence Follea, Jacqueline Fromonot, Louisa Hadley, Isabelle Hervouet-Farrar, Michael Hollington, Simon J. James, Francesca Orestano, Gilbert Pham-Thanh and Michael Slater

Articles issus du colloque du bicentenaire Dickens organisé en février 2012 à Paris et à Londres

Sommaire :

List of Illustrations

Notes on Contributors

Foreword : ‘On the Road’ Michael Hollington


Introduction : Unsettling Dickens Christine Huguet & Paul Vita

Part I : Dickensian Processes : Displacing Narrative Paradigms

Chapter One Charles Dickens, Mental Time-Travelling and Autobiographical Memory Simon J. James

Chapter Two Trial and Terror in Satis House : Great Expectations of Institutional Masculinity Gilbert Pham-Thanh

Chapter Three Fluid Mechanics in David Copperfield Jacqueline Fromonot

Part II : Progress in Dickens : Signifying Across Space

Chapter Four Ecstasy of Impatience : Some Notes on Travel in Sketches by Boz Michael Hollington

Chapter Five ‘Drawn to the Loadstone Rock’ : Travelling Towards Imprisonment and Death in A Tale of Two Cities Isabelle Hervouet-Farrar

Chapter Six ‘The Weakest Pilgrim Going’ : Pilgrimage in Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations Ray Crosby

Chapter Seven ‘Tramps’ : Dickens’s Modern Rhapsody Francesca Orestano

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