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Dickensian Prospects / Perspectives Dickensiennes

Sous la direction de Marie-Amélie COSTE, Christine HUGUET et Nathalie VANFASSE

Dans la revue électronique d’études sur le monde anglophone E-rea, double numéro 13.2

Date de parution : 2016

Dickensian Prospects / Perspectives Dickensiennes

Présentation :

This collection of essays entitled Dickensian Prospects aims to put Dickens’s work into perspective by using specific strategies inspired from the field of vision. The idea is to offer unusual insights into Dickens’s writing by showing how he himself at times skilfully changed his focus, adopted unusual vantage points and used frames that transformed the appearance of viewed objects. These alternative ways of looking allow the essays to explore new horizons in Dickens’s aesthetics. Some highlight his meticulous care for detail and the way he looked closely into things, while others examine the contrasting effects of the bird’s-eye views he also adopted. Other essays still pinpoint false perspectives and relevant blind spots in his work. Dickens himself played with clever optical effects to intrigue and occasionally mislead his readers. He also resorted to mental pictures that offered stimulating possibilities of approaching and considering his work. All in all, these essays informed by visual metaphors provide fresh insights into Dickens’s world.

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